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Washington State is such a remarkable place to live: the stunning architecture that lines our cities, the national parks that reflect our state’s natural beauty and provides a refuge to our precious wildlife, its soaring mountains that reach for the skies – painting a soothing backdrop against the hustle and bustle of its big cities like Seattle.

It’s also home to Flower Farma, which became the first product of its kind in this wonderful state to offer gourmet and cannabis enthusiasts an elevated culinary experience with plant-based fare.

OLA line of products offers Washington State consumers farm-to-table, cannabis-infused and hemp-infused oils that are intentionally crafted with high quality ingredients. Our oils – BRIGHT, SAVOR, TOAST and OLIVE — come from a deep place in my heart, and it is a dream come true that I can share the beauty of these oils with others in this great state.

For me, it’s always been important to stay local. For nearly 25 years, the plant-based recipes I have created for exclusive restaurants, high-profile celebrity clients and the Canadian Consulate in Seattle have been sourced by local ingredients and farms. When I was looking for a partner to produce the cannabis in our cannabis-infused OLA line, I looked no further than Skagit Organics – a leader in the cannabis industry that creates Washington’s only medical-grade compliant full extract cannabis oil. I am over-the-moon excited to partner with a local company that allows us to celebrate this gorgeous flower and enjoy it in a new way.

I am so proud that my company has been expanding to other parts of the country, but it will always have a special place here at home. As the first product of its kind in this state, I am delighted to watch as it gets invited into more homes across Washington – becoming a beloved member of its kitchen pantries and adorning its dinner tables for years to come.