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Food: it nourishes us, fuels us with energy, and satisfies our cravings. But it’s also the great unifier. We can all come together over a meal and commune. We can shed our personal politics, religious beliefs, and other differences when we gather around the table to be nourished together. Enjoying a meal with our loved ones is truly an exquisite experience – much like the communal nature of cannabis.

As The Flower Chef, I saw the opportunity to merge these two worlds together and envisioned a new way for people to enjoy time spent with loved ones. I wanted to reinvent the dinner party and give hosts alcohol-free options. I imagined a space where cannabis and food play together, where this beautiful flower could enhance the flavor – and nutritional value – of meals to create an unforgettable sensory experience. I wanted to slowly peel away the stigma attached to cannabis and showcase it as a highly nutritious and delicious ingredient that opens a world of culinary possibilities.

Now, as founder and CEO of Flower Farma, it is truly a delight to see my vision become a reality. Our signature oils, OLA (available as TOAST, BRIGHT SAVOR, and FIRST PRESS) have begun to grace dispensaries, retail outlets and kitchen cupboards. Gourmet food lovers and cannabis-enthusiasts are experiencing our oils as a key ingredient for health, mindfulness, and wellness – adding a kiss of this beautiful, nutrient-dense plant as a star ingredient to healthy plant-based meals.

Most important of all, they know exactly what they are putting in their bodies. When I created Flower Farma, I built the company on a foundation of authenticity and transparency – and these values are reflected in every product we deliver for consumers. Each OLA bottle offers simple ingredients that are conceived at the farm, with farm-fresh flavor preserved in every bottle.

At Flower Farma’s conception, I also wanted to be transparent about my own journey. As you browse my website (, I invite you to read about my struggles and triumphs, which fueled my creation of this incredible company. I also invite you to follow Flower Farma’s journey through our new blogs, and celebrate the cannabis ingredient – one drizzle at a time!