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SEATTLE, WA, June 22, 2022 – Julie Houser, founder and CEO of Flower Farma, is proud to announce Flower Farma’s recent partnership with Zenco – a revolutionary vaping device company that elevates the world of cannabis and reinvents the cannabis dining experience.

As part of the new partnership, Flower Farma will be a North American distributor for Zenco which will transform fine dining within peoples’ homes and the cannabis hospitality market including consumption lounges.

“I am thrilled that Flower Farma is partnering with Zenco as a North American distributor. Our trailblazing partnership with Zenco will create new spaces for cannabis, and revolutionize the world of gourmet food and this beautiful flower,” says Ms. Houser.

Zenco’s vaping devices include sophisticated glassware that is designed to focus the terpene flavors – complementing distinct flavors in plant-based meals, and allowing the user to taste every bit of the flower as they sip on the vapors.

Ms. Houser says that Flower Fama inspires others to create spaces where cannabis and food can be enjoyed together, and its partnership with Zenco was a natural collaboration.

“As a chef, I see food as the great unifier. We can all come together over a meal and commune. As Flower Farma embarks on this exciting partnership with Zenco, I envision new opportunities for cannabis and food to be enjoyed and bring people together – whether it’s at a dinner party at home, or in ever-growing consumption lounges,” says Ms. Houser.

Wendy Forwell, sales and marketing director for Zenco, says the company is delighted to partner with Flower Farma.

“Our distribution partnership with Flower Farma will bring fine dining forward, as well as normalize and elevate social consumption. Our collaboration marks the beginning of an incredible journey within an industry that will continue to evolve and redefine how we enjoy – and consume – food and cannabis,” says Ms. Forwell.

Launched in 2022, Flower Farma offers intentionally crafted farm-to-table cannabis oils that can be enjoyed on their own or added to a gourmet plant-based meal. The company’s carefully cultivated partnerships broaden and enrich its mission to inspire others to see and experience cannabis as not just a plant — but as an ingredient for health, mindfulness and wellness.

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