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SEATTLE, WA, May 5, 2022 – Julie Houser, an award-winning entrepreneur and plant-based chef, is delighted to announce the launch of Flower Farma – a Seattle-based company that offers gourmet farm-to-bottle cannabis infused and hemp infused oils that are intentionally crafted with high quality ingredients and instantly elevates meals.

The company’s first line of products, OLA (Gaelic for “oil”, which is a nod to Ms. Houser’s Irish roots), features three tasty flavors including Bright, Savor and Toast. Flower Farma also offers the OLA HEMP line of products, which include the same farm fresh ingredients without the THC.

“I created these oils to make food taste better and give the consumer an elevated experience. These oils are conceived at the farm and come from a very deep place in my heart. In every oil, I want to preserve that farm fresh flavor — each taste inspired by terpenes in the original strains used in my formulations,” says Ms. Houser, Flower Farma’s Founder and CEO.

Ms. Houser created each oil to be smaller in nature than traditional THC products, and are designed to be paired with meals, tossed in a salad, or simply enjoyed on their own.

“I am excited to watch as the worlds of gourmet food and cannabis play together and create something beautiful. As the world begins to re-open and we reunite with our loved ones, Flower Farma creates spaces where cannabis and food can be enjoyed together,” says Ms. Houser.

Flower Farma’s OLA will be sold in partnering dispensaries throughout the state of Washington in the late Spring of 2022. The OLA HEMP product line will be available for purchase through its website in May. The hemp products are currently available for pre-order on the website as well.

Flower Farma proudly partners with Skagit Organics, a leader in the cannabis industry that creates Washington’s only medical-grade compliant full extract cannabis oil.

Julie Houser is a successful plant-based chef who has created delicious farm-to-table fare for exclusive restaurants, high-profile celebrity clients and the Canadian Consulate in Seattle. She is a cannabis visionary and, combined with her incredible culinary skills, transforms the plant into a delectable ingredient that can be incorporated into any repertoire of healthy meals.