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Julie Houser is CEO and Founder of Flower Farma, pioneering celebrity plant chef and consumption lounge visionary. Known to her clients as The Flower Chef, she has developed “farm-to-table,” menus for clients such as the Canadian Consulate General in Seattle, Jeff Bridges, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and John Cleese. She regularly partners with restaurant chefs in developing upscale, plant-based, contemporary menu options. It is her mission to establish a new precedent for high-end, plant inspired cuisine in the fine dining marketplace.

For 25 years, Ms. Houser has been known for her passion for farm fresh ingredients and unique menu creations. She has created a line of products called OLA, which uses cannabis as a delicious ingredient and unleashes its potential as a superfood packed with vitamins and minerals. Ms. Houser is an award winning entrepreneur and works with industry leaders to create elevated, inventive lounge spaces, concepts, and inspired infused menus.

The Flower Farma Philosophy

At Flower Farma, we allow the worlds of gourmet food and cannabis to play together to create something beautiful. Elevating gourmet cannabis is our mission.

Founded by The Flower Chef Julie Houser in 2022, Flower Farma provides a new space for cannabis and gourmet enthusiasts to explore cannabis. We marry plant-based cuisine with cannabis’s nutrient-dense seeds and oils and treat this wholesome flower like it should be — as an ingredient.

Our delicious farm-to-table line of oils are called OLA, the Irish word for “oil” — a nod to Julie’s Irish roots. Each oil is made with intention from hand-selected ingredients sourced from regional farms. Our products are then carefully blended with high quality integrous CBD, THC and CBG oils that make the perfect addition to a healthy cooking regime — or they can be simply enjoyed on their own!

Flower Farma currently offers four farm-to-bottle oils (also available without THC as OLA HEMP) that will unleash inner foodies, elevate meals, and redefine the traditional dinner party and fine dining experience.

Meet the Extended Family

Our carefully cultivated partnerships broaden and enrich Flower Farma’s mission to inspire others to see and experience cannabis as not just a plant — but as an ingredient for health, mindfulness and wellness.

Skagit Organics

Skagit Organics

Skagit Organics is a leader in the cannabis industry and creates Washington’s only medical-grade compliant full extract cannabis oil, also known as RSO. The company is well known for its dedication to the medical cannabis community and has earned a trustworthy reputation among medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers in Washington.

Skagit Organics sets itself apart by creating clean, consistent cannabis products that complies with Department of Health regulations. It also conducts pesticide testing on all of its extracts and is committed to community engagement through its work with The Cannabis Alliance and membership with its local Chamber of Commerce.

The company works to normalize cannabis through positive local community engagement and help improve the laws and regulations governing the cannabis industry.



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